Partnership Property Management Awards

Partnership Property Management 2022 President’s Choice Award Winners

Awards presented by Rick Allen, President

Rick Allen and Keila Keller

Keila Keller
Arbor Glen

Rick Allen and Therman Pittman

Therman Pittman
Beal Street Square

Rick Allen and Shane Bewley

Shane Bewley

Chris Blalock and Rick Allen

Chris Blalock
The Retreat at Statesville

Maxine Debruhl

Maxine Debruhl
Villas at Fallen Spruce

Diane Mathews and Rick Allen

Diane Mathews
Forest Ridge

Partnership Property Management 2022 Award Winners

Awards presented by Lacy Bratton, Director of Property Management 

Johnny Peebles and Lacy Bratton

Director’s Choice Award
Johnny Peebles
Edgewood Place

Photo Unavailale

Director’s Choice Award
Leigh Noon
Meadow Woods

Patti Straker

Resident Activities Award
Patti Straker
Mallard Creek

Awards Present by Lacy Bratton’s Team 

Orlando Pozo, Laneatria Burton, and Nadia Gallovich

Nadia Gallovich’s Team Award Winners
Orlando Pozo, Maintenance Caretaker at Woods II
Laneatria Burton, Site Manager atWoods II

Janette Hill, Shavonda Shaw, and Eddie Mullen

Shavonda Shaw’s Team Award Winners
Janette Hill, Site Manager at Woodgate
Eddie Mullen, Maintenance Caretaker at Roanoke

Yvonne Brown and Ryan Bixler

Ryan Bixler’s Team Award Winners
Yvonne Brown, Site Manager at Edgewood Place

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Ryan Bixler’s Team Award Winners
Chuck Ratcliff, Maintenance Caretaker at Brookway Village

Dan Benancio and Kelly Searcy

Kelly Searcy’s Team Award Winners
Dan Benancio, Site Manager at Woodfield Cove

Photo Unavailale

Kelly Searcy’s Team Award Winners
Lou Leaming, Maintenance Caretaker at Mallard Creek

Awards presented by Blanca Sanchez, Director of Property Management 

Sharon Perrin and Blanca Sanchez

Director’s Choice Award
Sharon Perrin
Hillside Commons

John Osborne and Blanca Sanchez

Director’s Choice Award
John Osborne
Sugar Hill

Gerry Hunt and Blanca Sanchez

Resident Activities Award
Gerry Hunt
River Glen

Awards Present by Blanca Sanchez’s Team

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Tim Berry’s Team Award Winners
Pam Cordell, Site Manager at Glen Rock

Hunter Owens and Janell Patrick Taylor

Janell Patrick Taylor’s Team Award Winners
Hunter Owens, Maintenance Caretaker at Eagle Market Place

Irina Gartavel and Janell Patrick Taylor

Janell Patrick Taylor’s Team Award Winners
Irina Gartavel, Site Manager at Maple Crest

Joyce Gaddy and Gerry Hunt

Joyce Gaddy’s Team Award Winners
Gerry Hunt, Site Managerat River Glen

Joyce Gaddy and Todd Miller

Joyce Gaddy’s Team Award Winners
Todd Miller, Maintenance Caretaker at Laurel Village

Caleb Dunson and Brittany Brooks

Brittany Brooks’ Team Award Winners
Caleb Dunson, Maintenance Caretaker at Connor Creek

Brittany Brooks and Tina Willis

Brittany Brooks’ Team Award Winners
Tina Willis, Site Manager at Highland View

Awards presented by Ed Dallape, Vice President of Property Management

Holly Hennessee, Ed Dallape, and Troy Williams

Director’s Choice Award
Holly Hennessee
Woodmont & Lutherhaus
Troy Williams
Meadow View & Random Woods

Carolyn Choate and Ed Dallape

Resident Activities Award
Carolyn Choate
Spencer’s Mill

Awards presented by Ed Dallape Team

Chris Coxey, Jessica Worsham, Glennis Foxx

Jessica Worsham’s Team Award Winners
Chris Coxey, Maintenance Caretaker at Prosperity Ridge
Glennis Foxx, Site Manager at The Village at Stone Creek

Joyce Walton, Ed Dallape, and David Reynolds

Ed Dallape’s Team Award Winners
Joncy Walton, Site Manager at Cavalier
David Reynolds, Maintenance Caretaker at Martins Landing II

Robert Hooks, Lisa Smith, and Clint Hennessee

Lisa Smith’s Team Award Winners
Robert Hooks, Maintenance Caretaker at Oak Forest
Clint Hennessee, Site Manager at Gateway Village

Troy Rutledge, Loraine Sizemore, and Kelly Griffith

Loraine Sizemore’s Team Award Winners
Troy Rutledge, Maintenance Caretaker at Essex Place
Kelly Griffith, Site Manager at Stokesburg Meadows

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Lisa Oglesby’s Team Award Winners
Joyce Marusich, Site Manager Valley View
Mike Rowland, Maintenance Caretaker at Westfield

Awards presented by Mark Horton, Director of Property Management 

Elizabeth Miller, Mark Horton, and Henry Hunt

Director’s Choice Award
Elizabeth Miller & Henry Hunt

Awards presented by Mark Horton’s Team

Penny Harllee, David Tallent, and Jamie Smith

David Tallent’s Team Award Winners
Penny Harllee, Site Manager at Springfield
Jamie Smith, Maintenance Caretaker at Page Square and Miller Grove

Donald Terry, Mark Horton, and Janet Brown

Tracy Young’s Team Award Winners
Donald Terry, Maintenance Caretaker at Palmetto
Janet Brown, Site Manager at Kings Point, Queen Ann, & Royal Knight

Thomas Hutchins, Pat Smith, and Teresa Lawson

Pat Smith’s Team Award Winners

Thomas Hutchins, Maintenance Caretaker at Berry Court, Berry Park, & Chadwick Place
Teresa Lawson, Site Manager at Berry Court & Berry Park

Dave Ralph, Frankie James, and Lou Rogers

Frankie James’ Team Award Winners
Dave Ralph, Maintenance Caretaker at Silver Trace
Lou Rogers, Site Manager at Lake View & Long Branch

Awards presented by Travis Walters, Director of Property Management  

Brianna Galbreath and Travis Walters

Director’s Choice Award
Brianna Galbreath

Photo Unavailale

Director’s Choice Award
Stanley Bailey

Gwendolyn White

Resident Activities Award
Gwendolyn White
Piney Pointe

Sherida Bellamy

Resident Activities Award
Sherida Bellamy
Gate Bay I & II

Awards presented by Travis Walters’ Team 

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Kim Steven’s Team Award Winners
Norma Rives, Site Manager at Brookhollow


Gewndolyn White and Lonnie Hicks

Chad Bixler’s Team Award Winners
Gwendolyn White, Site Manager at Piney Pointe in Hamlet
Lonnie Hicks, Maintenance Caretaker at Piney Pointe


Selena Walker and Jimmy Blue

Selena Walker’s Team Award Winners
Jimmy Blue, Maintenance Caretaker at Uwharrie Ridge & Wesleyan Homes




Photo Unavailale

Selena Walker’s Team Award Winners
Pam Rabstejnek, Site Manager at Timberlane & Greenmont



Molly Turner, Amy Ellis, and Feferico Guerrero

Amy Ellis’ Team Award Winners
Molly Turner, Site Manager at Fieldale
Federico Guerrero, Maintenance Caretaker at Glenbrook Meadows

Cedell johnson and Kim Stevens

Kim Steven’s Team Award Winners
Cedell Johnson, Maintenance Caretaker at The Retreat at Pittsboro


Awards presented by Suzanne Turner, Executive Director of Property Management 

Suzanne Turner and Joseph Brunelle

Director’s Choice Award
Joseph Brunelle
Pinewood Plaza

Suzanne Turner and Mercedes Souza

Director’s Choice Award
Mercedes Souza
Cedar Run

Suzanne Turner and Melissa Thomason

Resident Activities Award
Melissa Thomason
India Trail

Awards Presented by Susan Turner’s Team

Photo Unavailale

Melissa Keller’s Team Award Winners
Clay Depew, Maintenance Caretaker Winningham Village

Melissa Keller and Anissa Laws

Julie Carlisle’s Team Award Winners
 Anissa Laws, Site Manager at Cross Creek

Andrea Coon and Melissa Keller

Melissa Keller’s Team Award Winners
Andrea Coon, Site Manager Creekside Crossing

Ike Smith and Melissa Keller

Julie Carlisle’s Team Award Winners
Ike Smith, Maintenance Caretaker at Woodland Village

Troy Wright, Mindy Trosper, and Hilda Stevenson

Mindy Trosper’s Team Award Winners
Troy Wright, Maintenance Caretaker at River Place
Hilda Stevenson, Site Manager at Woodrun and Collinswood


Photo Unavailale

Bianca Fawcett’s Team Award Winners
Deidra Hummel, Site Manager at Westwind Village I & II
Rafus Camp, Maintenance Caretaker at Forest Glen

Photo Unavailale

Suzanne Turner’s Team Award Winners
Holly McFadden, Site Manager at Hillcrest

Partnership Property Management 2022 Compliance Director’s Choice

Awards presented by Chip Click, Assistant Director

Julie Stallings, Chip Click, Anissa Laws, and Mercedes Souze

Lydia Skelton
Jackson Parkview

Chip Click and Penny Beasley

Penny Beasley

Brianna Galbreath, Chip Click, and Teresa Lawson

Brianna Galbreath
Teresa Lawson
Berry Court

Chip Click and Lisa Borkowski

Lisa Borkowski
The Retreat at Statesville

Partnership Property Management 2022 Certified Site Managers

Awards presented by Chip Click, Assistant Director

Julie Stallings, Chip Click, Anissa Laws, and Mercedes Souze

Julie Stallings, Powder Creek
Anissa Laws, Cross Creek
Mercedes Souze, Cedar Run

Penny Harllee, Gwendolyn White, and Mary Hewitt

Penny Harllee, Springfield
Gwendolyn White, Piney Pointe
Mary Hewitt, Pinewood Park & Scottish Winds


Chip Click and Dianne Johnson

Dianne Johnson
Fair Grove Apartments

Chip click, Christine Hatley, Jerri Willis, and Kylie Cantrell

Christine Hatley, Park at Cline
Jerri Willis, Cascade Garden
Kylie Cantrell, River Place